Executive Summary

CarbonHive is an ecosystem that supports and finances environmental projects that directly sequester carbon to save the environment while rewarding NFT collectors with a passive, monthly distribution of a metaverse coin, Virtualcarbon.

Each Virtualcarbon is backed by 1 kg of carbon dioxide emissions sequestered in a CarbonHive project, as well as a well-funded treasury that creates a floor price and liquidity for Virtualcarbon. The treasury is funded out of a majority of CarbonHive's revenues.

Fostering Partnerships

CarbonHive leverages partnerships to amplify its environmental impact. CarbonHive has already partnered with Proimagery to launch Forest NFTs in the CarbonHive metaverse. These Forest NFTs will incentivize forest owners to protect mature, biodiverse forests currently at risk of logging. There are already multiple forest projects in the development pipeline expected for launch by Q3 2022. Once launched, these projects will protect over 6,000 acres of forest land.


The CarbonHive metaverse is a digital replica of Planet Earth, separated into 288,122 unique hex tiles. Each hex tile is an NFT that evolves over time based on the carbon projects launched in the metaverse. Community members can participate in the CarbonHive metaverse by purchasing a Land NFT, which yields Virtualcarbon for every carbon project launched. The supply of Land NFTs is fixed, and viewable within the CarbonHive metaverse.

The CarbonHive metaverse provides a community for members to engage with real-world projects that save the environment.

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